Moringa Oleifera
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Guide to growing Moringa Oleifera for health, nutrition and profit

Moringa Oleifera (M. Oleifera), a superfood touted to have 92 nutrients and 46 antioxidants has been nicknamed the “tree of life”. This is because all parts can be used as food and also processed to produce many Moringa value-added products.

Moringa said to treat 300 diseases is highly packed with nutrients. compared to other foods:-

  • Moringa contains four times the amount of calcium in milk
  • Moringa contains more vitamin C than seven oranges
  • Moringa contains double the protein in bananas
  • Moringa contains three times the potassium in bananas.

Moringa cuts the risk of cancer and slows down the ageing process, hence promoting longevity.

Packed with high levels of niacin, vitamin b3, and vitamin b10, Moringa lowers blood cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure.

From human nutrition to animal feeds, and industrial and medicinal uses, growing Moringa can be of great financial benefit to the farmer.

In this article, we look at the complete process of growing Moringa, from planning, seed germination, management, harvesting, processing and marketing. We will also look at the background of Moringa and the numerous benefits it offers.

History of moringa

Moringa, native to the Himalayas in northern India, goes as back as more than 2000 years ago, where it is documented as a medicinal tree.  In ayurvedic healing, an ancient health system, Moringa is said to cure over 300 diseases. 

The Romans imported the herb from India, West Africa and other regions in Asia and are known to have taken Moringa tea, and ate the leaves and pods.  The greeks and Egyptians extracted the oil from Moringa seeds and used the oil as skin lotion and perfume. 

In the 19th century, there are mentions of Moringa plantations in the west indies, where the Moringa oil was extracted and exported to Europe for use in perfumes and as a lubricant for machines.

After the conquest of the Persian empire and the Achaemenid Empire, Alexander the Great advanced toward India. He met his match in the Mauryan area of India, where it is said the Mauryan soldiers defeated him in 60 battles. The Mauryan soldiers are said to have drunk Moringa leaf extracts during battle. Because of the “Magic” moringa leaf extract drink, the Mauryan soldiers needed less sleep and rarely got sick. It is believed that it gave them more strength. 

As far as 150 BC, records show that kings and queens took Moringa for mental alertness and for smooth skin. 

We will be updating this article to cover: 

  • Nutritional benefits of Moringa
  • Varieties of Moringa
  • Climate Requirements for Moringa
  • Soil Requirements for Moringa
  • Propagation of moringa – seeds and cuttings
  • Land Preparation, Planting in Moringa.
  • Irrigation in Moringa
  • Intercultural Operations in Moringa farming
  • Manures and Fertilizers in Moringa farming
  • Pests and Diseases in Moringa farming
  • Harvesting of Moringa
  • Moringa yield per acre.
  • Moringa farming business plan

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