Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed Characteristics and Management

Rhode Island Red, a dual-purpose chicken breed, is one of the most popular breeds in the world. This is because it requires low maintenance, is hardy and is a very good layer. Friendly and gentle, Rhode Island Red is a good forager, able to look for its own feed. Due to its great characteristics, Rhode […]

How many chickens should I keep in order to make a profit?

As a farmer, your major goal should be to maximize the income you earn from your venture just like any other business person targets. While doing so, many farmers especially newbies tend to want to work along with possible limits that their farms can allow. While doing this makes sense, many farmers just find it […]

Kuroiler Chicken Breed information and management

Kuroiler chicken, a crossbreed created by Keggs farms in India in the early 1990s, is a dual purpose chicken breed. It is a cross of either White Leghorn roosters or colored broiler roosters with Rhode Island Red hens. It has gained popularity among chicken farmers in Kenya. From India, it was exported to Uganda, when many […]

Secrets of success from Eliud Kipchoge, the greatest marathon runner ever

Eliud Kipchoge is without doubt one of the greatest marathon runners ever. On the morning of 16th September 2018, He broke the world record by running the marathon in 2 hours 1 minute and 29 seconds.  At 33 years of age, Eliud Kipchoge is known for his prowess on the track as well as his philosophy […]

Guide to Choosing the Right Irrigation System

Irrigation is the application of water to the farm field, to supplement natural sources of water to plants. One of the major reasons farmers irrigate their farms is so as to be able to farm when there is no rain.  It also allows farming in closed spaces like greenhouses.  Irrigation has been used since time […]

Common Poultry And Chicken Diseases

The chicken farmer needs to have a good understanding of chicken diseases, their causes, symptoms, cures and prevention. Diseases are any changes in the chicken’s natural body functions that affect their production, growth and survival. Chicken diseases are one of the biggest challenges in poultry farming. Be it chicken, ducks, geese, turkey or any other […]

Beetroot Farming in Kenya

Beetroot is a root vegetable that is used in salads, cooked meals, and juices. It is also known as chard, Harvard beet, European sugar beet, red garden beet, blood turnip, mangelwurzel, mangel, and spinach beet.  Rich in fibre, folate (Vitamin B9), manganese, iron, potassium, and Vitamin C, beetroot is associated with lowering blood pressure and […]

Kunde (Cowpea) Vegetable Farming in Kenya

Cowpea farming is popular in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid areas due to its high nutrition value, short harvest period,  and hardiness.  The cowpea is also known as the black-eyed pea.  In Kenya, it is popularly known as Kunde.  Farmed for its leaves and grains, Kunde leaves are more popular as a vegetable than as a […]

Spring Onion Farming in Kenya

Spring onions (Allium fistulosum), also known as bunching onions, green onions, or scallions are onions that do not develop bulbs. The leaves of the green onions are consumed in salads and different dishes.  As a farmer, planting spring onions can be a good addition since they mature fast and can be intercropped with slow-growing vegetables.  […]

Guide to French Beans Farming in Kenya

Locally known as Mishiri, French beans have traditionally been grown in Kenya for Export. As time has gone by local consumption of french beans has been increasing.  French beans can be grown both on a large scale and small scale. However, it is recommended to grow french beans on a small scale, with staggered planting […]

Best Ways of Stopping Chicken From Eating Eggs

One of the major issues you might face in your chicken farming business is your chickens eating their eggs. This will reduce the number of eggs you collect thus affecting your bottom line.  The habit of chickens eating eggs is caused by several reasons. Once you identify the reasons your chickens might eat your eggs, […]

Choosing the right solar powered irrigation system

The use of solar power for irrigation is becoming popular as solar panel technologies continue to get better and cheaper. Using solar harnesses the energy from the sun, to pump water from wells, boreholes, dams, rivers, and other water sources. This water is then used to provide water to plants, resulting in better products for […]

Sasso Chicken Breeds Details and Management Information

The Sasso broiler chicken, made to be hardy and to as a slow-growing bird, is a broiler alternative to the fast-growing hybrid broilers that are based on the cornish cross.  Sasso is actually not a breed name, but the name of the French company that has been breeding chicken for decades. The major focus for Sasso […]

How to grow Managu (African Nightshade)

The African nightshade / black nightshade, commonly referred to Kenya as Managu, is grown as an edible vegetable in Kenya.  It is cherished for its nutritious benefits and has been used in traditional African medicine over the ages.  As people grow more health-conscious, they are adding Managu and other traditional African vegetables to their diet. […]

Complete Guide to Open Field Tomato Farming

The tomato, once considered to be highly poisonous, is a widely used vegetable in cooking around the world.  With consistent market demand, both for fresh tomatoes and processed tomato products, farming tomatoes can be a profitable venture. To achieve success, you will need to be well equipped to deal with the management, production, and marketing […]

Complete Guide to Chicken Feed Formulation

Making your own chicken feed at home can help in cutting down on the cost of purchasing chicken feed. Formulating your own chicken feed is advantageous because you will be able to control the quality. Saving on the cost and feeding your chicken with high-quality chicken feed will ensure that you maximize profit. Feeding chicken with […]

Vaccination schedule for Kienyeji chicken for 2022 [Download]

Indigenous chicken, also known as Kienyeji are much sought after because of the quality of their meat and eggs. They are hardy but also need to be taken care of, in terms of vaccination, in order to ward off diseases that can be fatal or drastically decrease production.   Most common diseases in kienyeji chicken Kienyeji chicken (Indigenous […]

Passion Fruit Farming Guide for 2022. From Seedlings to Profits

Introduced to Kenya in the 1920s, the passion fruit is native to southern Brazil.  It grows well in the tropics. In Kenya, passion fruit farming is done to supply the local market as well as for export. Kenya is a top supplier of the passion fruit to the European market alongside Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and […]

Broiler Feeding Program, Lighting Program and Growth Chart

The broiler feeding process is aimed at making sure that the bird, being raised for meat, attains the desired weight at the time of slaughter. To attain this, the correct feeding schedule must be followed, day by day, week by week.  Failure to do this will lead to an increase in the duration the farmer […]

How to Start Profitable Kienyeji Chicken Farming in Kenya. Download FREE Business Plan

Kienyeji chicken is a broad name used for indigenous chicken breeds in Kenya, mostly reared in the village under the free-range method. They are also referred to as village chicken or road runners in other regions.  Farming Kienyeji is becoming popular in Kenya today because the chicken is considered organic and hence the preferred healthier […]

Layer Poultry Farming Production and Management Guide

Layers are birds that are primarily kept for egg production. For commercial egg production, good management of layers is off uttermost importance if the poultry farmer is to achieve maximum production.  Layers start laying from about the 18th to 19th week and lay until about 72 weeks. This means laying will not start as soon […]

Potch Koekoek Chicken Breed Characteristics and Management

The Potch KoeKoek is a free-range, dual-purpose chicken breed developed in the 1950s, at Potchefstroom agricultural college in South Africa. It is a cross between the Black Austrolorp chicken breed and the white leghorn chicken breed with a strain of the Barred Plymouth Rock chicken breed. Common in Southern African Countries, the potch Koekoek is […]

Boschveld Indigenous Chicken Breed Information and management.

The Boschveld is an indigenous chicken reared across Africa. It is a crossbreed between the Ovambo, Matabele and Venda free-range indigenous chicken of southern Africa. Bred to be resistant to diseases, grow quickly, defend themselves against predators and survive on whatever food is available, the Boschhveld chicken can survive in tough climates. Mike Bosch, over […]

KARI Improved Kienyeji / Karlo Improved Kienyeji Breed Information and management.

KARI improved Kienyeji was bred by the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute(KARI), now known as Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Institute (KARLO) at their research centre in Naivasha, in collaboration with researchers from Egerton University, Njoro. Research and Breeding of the KARI improved Kienyeji started in 2002, when breeders at the KARI research centre wanted to […]

Guide to growing Moringa Oleifera for health, nutrition and profit

Moringa Oleifera (M. Oleifera), a superfood touted to have 92 nutrients and 46 antioxidants has been nicknamed the “tree of life”. This is because all parts can be used as food and also processed to produce many Moringa value-added products. Moringa said to treat 300 diseases is highly packed with nutrients. compared to other foods:- Moringa […]

Rainbow Rooster Chicken Breed Information and management

The Rainbow rooster is a dual-purpose, low-input, multicoloured chicken from India. It was bred by Indbro Research and Breeding Farms in Southern India as part of a food program by the state. Rainbow Roosters have been distributed to Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan through Partnerships with Indbro Research. This chicken breed has also been exported […]

Kenbro Chicken Breed Information and management

Kenbro chicken is a dual-purpose breed developed and distributed by Kenchic Limited in Kenya.  The poultry farmer can keep it for both eggs and meat.  Meant for free-ranging, Kenbro is disease resistant.  It has a well-rounded body shape. Kenchic developed this breed as a replacement for indigenous village chicken.  Kenbro starts laying eggs at 25 […]

How to Manage Chicks from 0 weeks to 8 weeks

Brooding is the period immediately after hatching when the chicks need special care and management for their survival. Bringing in new chicks indicates that you are ready to start the journey into poultry farming. How you handle day-old chicks in their first weeks will affect productivity in the future. This means how the chickens gain […]

Watermelon Farming in Kenya Guide [updated for 2022]

With high yields, short maturity period, and ready market, commercial watermelon farming is being embraced by Kenyan farmers as a high return cash crop.  Watermelon farming is popular in Kenya because the fruit is in high demand during hot seasons. Watermelon is ninety-two percent water, making it the ideal fruit when it is hot and one […]

How To Start Poultry and Chicken Farming : Value Addition

Value addition is the process of adding value to a product or service through special processing, marketing or manufacturing. Value addition is often driven by the need to offer more convenience to the customer.  Poultry is one product that you can add value to everything, and even offer a value-added service based on it. With poultry, […]

How To Start Poultry and Chicken Farming: Record Keeping.

As a chicken farmer, you understand housing, disease control, vaccination, and brooding. However, do you understand record keeping? It is a very vital part of your chicken farming venture.  Put in mind that for you to succeed, income and expenses have to be factored in so that you can know if your business venture is […]

How To Start Poultry and Chicken Farming in Kenya

Are you thinking of starting a chicken business? Are you already in the chicken farming business but is wondering how to grow your business? Then worry no more.  In this series of articles, we will discuss how to start a poultry farm. Put in mind that, in recent years, chicken farming has grown to become one […]

The complete guide to growing rosemary for home use and for profit

Rosemary is an evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean. It can grow anywhere in the world. It is used in cooking. Rosemary essential oil is used in cosmetic and medicinal products. It can be grown in pots, greenhouses, gardens and farms.  In this article, we take an in-depth look at growing rosemary for use at […]

Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies to Get Started

Beekeeping is a profitable venture.  It is good to know what equipment you need before you venture into the business.  Most people think that when you acquire a beehive, you are ready to go into beekeeping.  There are several other equipment and tools required if you want to be a successful beekeeper. It is good to […]