A Detailed Guide to Bulb Onion farming in Kenya

Bulb onions, also known as Kitunguu Maji in Kenya, is one of the most used vegetables in the world. It is used in cooked meals or raw salads as a flavour additive, and also used in making pickles and chutneys.  Onion farming in Kenya can be profitable. Profitability is dependent on proper market identification, proper […]

Capsicum (Pilipili Hoho) Farming Guide

Capsicum, also known as sweet pepper, bell pepper or pilipili hoho are consumed in nearly every household in Kenya. They are used to spice up cooked food and raw salads.  With proper planning and quality control, growing capsicums can be profitable, with the target market being the local Kenya market and also the export market. […]

Courgette (Zucchini) Farming in Kenya

Courgette, also known as Zucchini categorized in the summer squash family, is a close relative of the cucumber, with origins traced back to North America. In some areas, you might find courgettes spelled or pronounced as “gojet”.  Harvested before it fully matures, courgettes are used in spiced or salted dishes since they do not have […]

Farming Tree Tomato (Tamarillo) in Kenya. From farm to market

The tamarillo, commonly known as tree tomato is a subtropical fruit that is grown in many parts of the world. Native to South America, the tree tomato is a distant relative of the Tomato, the Mexican Husk Tomato, the Tomatillo, the Cape Gooseberry, the Pepino Dulce, the Naranjilla, and the Cocona. With a production lifetime […]

Garlic Farming in Kenya

Garlic, a relative of onions, chives and shallots, is a popular seasoning used all over the world.  Farming garlic in Kenya presents a major opportunity for Kenyan farmers, since Kenya imports about 80% of the garlic from China.  Kenyans can also exploit value added garlic products such as spices and supplements that use garlic extracts.  […]

Adding Value to eggs through egg powder production

Egg powder is a dried egg product with a similar texture to milk powder. Dried eggs are the complete eggs, the egg white or the yolk, dried to a powder.   It still retains its nutritious elements such as proteins, minerals, and calcium, and has added advantage of improving food consistency, chewiness, and thickening. History […]