Guide to Choosing the Right Irrigation System

Irrigation is the application of water to the farm field, to supplement natural sources of water to plants. One of the major reasons farmers irrigate their farms is so as to be able to farm when there is no rain.  It also allows farming in closed spaces like greenhouses.  Irrigation has been used since time […]

Beetroot Farming in Kenya

Beetroot is a root vegetable that is used in salads, cooked meals, and juices. It is also known as chard, Harvard beet, European sugar beet, red garden beet, blood turnip, mangelwurzel, mangel, and spinach beet.  Rich in fibre, folate (Vitamin B9), manganese, iron, potassium, and Vitamin C, beetroot is associated with lowering blood pressure and […]

Kunde (Cowpea) Vegetable Farming in Kenya

Cowpea farming is popular in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid areas due to its high nutrition value, short harvest period,  and hardiness.  The cowpea is also known as the black-eyed pea.  In Kenya, it is popularly known as Kunde.  Farmed for its leaves and grains, Kunde leaves are more popular as a vegetable than as a […]

Spring Onion Farming in Kenya

Spring onions (Allium fistulosum), also known as bunching onions, green onions, or scallions are onions that do not develop bulbs. The leaves of the green onions are consumed in salads and different dishes.  As a farmer, planting spring onions can be a good addition since they mature fast and can be intercropped with slow-growing vegetables.  […]

Guide to French Beans Farming in Kenya

Locally known as Mishiri, French beans have traditionally been grown in Kenya for Export. As time has gone by local consumption of french beans has been increasing.  French beans can be grown both on a large scale and small scale. However, it is recommended to grow french beans on a small scale, with staggered planting […]

Choosing the right solar powered irrigation system

The use of solar power for irrigation is becoming popular as solar panel technologies continue to get better and cheaper. Using solar harnesses the energy from the sun, to pump water from wells, boreholes, dams, rivers, and other water sources. This water is then used to provide water to plants, resulting in better products for […]

How to grow Managu (African Nightshade)

The African nightshade / black nightshade, commonly referred to Kenya as Managu, is grown as an edible vegetable in Kenya.  It is cherished for its nutritious benefits and has been used in traditional African medicine over the ages.  As people grow more health-conscious, they are adding Managu and other traditional African vegetables to their diet. […]

Complete Guide to Open Field Tomato Farming

The tomato, once considered to be highly poisonous, is a widely used vegetable in cooking around the world.  With consistent market demand, both for fresh tomatoes and processed tomato products, farming tomatoes can be a profitable venture. To achieve success, you will need to be well equipped to deal with the management, production, and marketing […]

A Detailed Guide to Bulb Onion farming in Kenya

Bulb onions, also known as Kitunguu Maji in Kenya, is one of the most used vegetables in the world. It is used in cooked meals or raw salads as a flavour additive, and also used in making pickles and chutneys.  Onion farming in Kenya can be profitable. Profitability is dependent on proper market identification, proper […]

Capsicum (Pilipili Hoho) Farming Guide

Capsicum, also known as sweet pepper, bell pepper or pilipili hoho are consumed in nearly every household in Kenya. They are used to spice up cooked food and raw salads.  With proper planning and quality control, growing capsicums can be profitable, with the target market being the local Kenya market and also the export market. […]

Courgette (Zucchini) Farming in Kenya

Courgette, also known as Zucchini categorized in the summer squash family, is a close relative of the cucumber, with origins traced back to North America. In some areas, you might find courgettes spelled or pronounced as “gojet”.  Harvested before it fully matures, courgettes are used in spiced or salted dishes since they do not have […]

Farming Tree Tomato (Tamarillo) in Kenya. From farm to market

The tamarillo, commonly known as tree tomato is a subtropical fruit that is grown in many parts of the world. Native to South America, the tree tomato is a distant relative of the Tomato, the Mexican Husk Tomato, the Tomatillo, the Cape Gooseberry, the Pepino Dulce, the Naranjilla, and the Cocona. With a production lifetime […]

Garlic Farming in Kenya

Garlic, a relative of onions, chives and shallots, is a popular seasoning used all over the world.  Farming garlic in Kenya presents a major opportunity for Kenyan farmers, since Kenya imports about 80% of the garlic from China.  Kenyans can also exploit value added garlic products such as spices and supplements that use garlic extracts.  […]

Passion Fruit Farming Guide for 2022. From Seedlings to Profits

Introduced to Kenya in the 1920s, the passion fruit is native to southern Brazil.  It grows well in the tropics. In Kenya, passion fruit farming is done to supply the local market as well as for export. Kenya is a top supplier of the passion fruit to the European market alongside Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and […]

Guide to growing Moringa Oleifera for health, nutrition and profit

Moringa Oleifera (M. Oleifera), a superfood touted to have 92 nutrients and 46 antioxidants has been nicknamed the “tree of life”. This is because all parts can be used as food and also processed to produce many Moringa value-added products. Moringa said to treat 300 diseases is highly packed with nutrients. compared to other foods:- Moringa […]

Watermelon Farming in Kenya Guide [updated for 2022]

With high yields, short maturity period, and ready market, commercial watermelon farming is being embraced by Kenyan farmers as a high return cash crop.  Watermelon farming is popular in Kenya because the fruit is in high demand during hot seasons. Watermelon is ninety-two percent water, making it the ideal fruit when it is hot and one […]

The complete guide to growing rosemary for home use and for profit

Rosemary is an evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean. It can grow anywhere in the world. It is used in cooking. Rosemary essential oil is used in cosmetic and medicinal products. It can be grown in pots, greenhouses, gardens and farms.  In this article, we take an in-depth look at growing rosemary for use at […]