Langstoth bee hives in an apairy

Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies to Get Started

Beekeeping is a profitable venture.  It is good to know what equipment you need before you venture into the business.  Most people think that when you acquire a beehive, you are ready to go into beekeeping. 

There are several other equipment and tools required if you want to be a successful beekeeper. It is good to note that some of the equipment listed below are optional depending on your setup. You can also improvise on some of the tools

Bee hives


Bee Brush

Queen Excluders

Hive tool

Observation hive

Bee suit


Wax Press

Feeder box

Honey Harvesting tools/equipment

Wax Melter

Solar Wax Melter

Food Grade plastic


Honey Straining Cloth for Sieves

Honey Settling Tanks

Stainless Steel Sieve

Honey Extractor

Decapping Fork

Decapping Tray

Uncapping Fork

Propolis Cleaning Hook

Honey Strainers

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