SmartBird Poultry Farm Management System

Manage your poultry records in a smart way by using our SmartBird Poultry Management Software. 

With SmartBird Poultry Management Sofware, You will be able to :

  1. Record all expenses in your poultry farm
  2. Record all income from your poultry business
  3. Keep daily feeding records
  4. Keep daily vaccination and treatment records
  5. Keep daily mortality records
  6. Keep daily Bird weight records
  7. Keep daily egg collection records
  8. Keeps flock management records
  9. Get vaccination Reminders (Coming Soon).
  10. Keep Shed/House/Coop Management (Coming Soon).
  11. Keep payroll records (Coming soon).

With SmartBird, you will be able to:-

  1. Get reports on feed conversion ratio feed efficiency, whether amount of feed per egg or amount of feed per bird weight.
  2. Get Hen-Day report.
  3. Get laying hens per day reprt.
  4. Get feed cost per egg / feed cost per bird weight reports
  5. Get daily, weekly, monthly and annual net income reports
  6. Get monthly cost per live bird reports

In a nutshell, using SmartBird poultry management software will enable you to:

  1. :Determine profitability of your poultry business
  2. Determine ideal management activities in your poultry business
  3. Identify mistakes to avoid in the future
  4. Make informed financial decisions e.g budgeting, how much to sell your poultry products (meat/eggs) etc