Manufacturing and Value addition

Egg powder is a dried egg product with a similar texture to milk powder. Dried eggs are the complete eggs, the egg white or the yolk, dried to a powder.

It still retains its nutritious elements such as proteins, minerals, and calcium, and has added advantage of improving food consistency, chewiness, and thickening.

Value added Moringa products

Moringa (Drumstick tree, Moringa Oleifera), rich in antioxidants and bioactive compounds has been touted as a leading superfood in the world. This is because it is packed with nutrients than most

How To Start Poultry and Chicken Farming : Value Addition

Value addition is the process of adding value to a product or service through special processing, marketing or manufacturing. Value addition is often driven by the need to offer more convenience to

Bland Food? Chibundiro, a Kenyan organic natural spice to the rescue

Is your food tasteless, flavourless, insipid, mild, savourless, unflavoured, weak, thin, watery, watered-down, spiceless, unappetizing? Well, Taste Afrique's is here to sort you out with

Sweet Tunda, value added dried fruit snacks, aim at getting value for Kenyan fruit and vegetable farmers.

Sweet Tunda, a Kenyan business by Burton and Bamber is revolutionizing the snack market, by offering mouthwatering, sweet, natural dried fruit snacks.