KFC starts selling fried chicken skin

By Value Magazine Team on 6 June 2019 at 03:44 am

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), has extended its foray into chicken value-added products by including fried chicken skin into its menu. 

Yes. Chicken skin. Without the meat. Chicken skin is treated as a low-value product when it comes to chicken meat products.  KFC foray into the chicken skin product goes a long way to demonstrate there is no limit to what one does to add value to poultry products if they think out of the box.    


KFC Chicken Skins


According to KFC customers who tasted the chicken skin said it tasted “salty” and “different from what you would usually expect”. The chicken skin is an addition to KFC’s Menu in their Asia restaurants and is said to be selling out.

According to Fox News, a KFC global spokesman says that the chicken skin is a test product, flavored with Zabb sauce, which is KFC fans’ favorite sauce in Thailand and Indonesia. The chicken skin will be sold in two sizes, a small individual size, and a larger sharing portion.

KFC is yet to confirm when the new treat will be selling in other parts of the world.


BARU! KFC Chicken Skin sudah tersedia untuk kamu nikmati di beberapa gerai! Kerenyahan kulit ayam KFC kamu pasti udah tau dong kayak gimana? Yuk, beli sekarang!

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– KFC Kelapa Gading #kfcchickenskin

— KFC Jagonya Ayam!

(@KFCINDONESIA) May 11, 2019


KFC first introduced chicken skin in the Philippines in February 2019. The Chicken skin product in the Philippines is dubbed "Cracklings", with the slogan "All Chicken Skin. All the best part". 


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